There was Sun, there was fun, there was even some balloons.

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An organisers Diary of the Event.



Woke up early, realised this was the day it was all to happen and panicked, something that was to become a regular occurrence during the weekend.

First thing to do as to fetch the van we had hired for the weekend, this was about the easiest part of the whole weekend and went without a hitch.

Once the van was home load up all the gear off round to Karen's (family friend), to pick up the Marquee.

Arrive at campsite start to put up the marquee, marquee falls down, put up marquee, marquee falls down, ok read instructions, put up marquee, ah now we are getting somewhere, landlord comes out of pub and informs us we are putting marquee up in designated Caravan Club of GB area, marquee comes down again and gets moved. Marquee goes up with help of a few friends.

Right must be time for a cuppa, light newly acquired, and tested WW2 petrol cooker, nicely getting going time to put the kettle on, one minuet what is that liquid that is seeping at bottom of cooker, WOOF, four foot flames, cooker alight and starting to get hotter, (3/4 gall. petrol in tank), get the sand to douse the flames, not putting it out, send someone to get CO2 extinguisher, in mean time panic as that thing could go bang, one burst with CO2 container cooker out, leave where is until cools down. That was fun and a good start to the weekend. Wife not appreciate answer SALAD to the question what should we have with the chicken.

Time to put out road signs so people can find their way in, my thanks to Paul here for the assistance you gave in this endeavour, I am sure all the motorist that had to swear and break hard knew it was for a good cause. (note next year better signs).

Got back Ish had arrived and insisted on buying me several pints, what could I say after the day I had.


First to arrive was our resident magician Lupine, mind you he wasn't to early, then others started arriving in dribs and drabs, by this time I had resigned myself to the fact that the amount of field I was getting was going to be a lot less than I had anticipated.  Panic set in on Friday evening when the Sea Scouts advanced party arrived stating that they had eight tents two gazebos and a full blown sound system to fit in!  But we survived and with a bit of shoehorning and a little bit of easing of our allotted area managed to make room for them all. I did get worried at one point over Loz's definition of a Bar B Q, with five foot high flames and pieces of wood three inches thick, as well as his definition of dead wood, did you have to strip the leaves off it before you put it on the fire Loz?.

The idea of the Friday was a general get together with everybody chilling out drinking a few bevies and meeting people, this did not include me who was running around the camp site like a loon worried out of his mind as to where I was going to fit everybody in. But it all worked out for the best, as when you are that close together you have no choice but to make friends.

Slowly but  surely everyone settled down and the first day was over, well apart from the late arrivals who insist in putting their tents up in the middle of the night, there is always one isn't there.


Up with the Lark, well actually the balloons, boy do they make a noise when they are getting ready for take off.

Good fry up for breakfast, egg, bacon tomatoes, cup of coffee and I am ready to fight the world.

Right first on the agenda kiddie winks painting the luggage for the luggage wars, one minute where is everybody, still asleep. so much for an early start to get in a full days entertainment. eventually people start to rise and the first thing to do is build the luggage.

Right whilst that is under way time to think about the Thud board as soon as Dave is finished supervising the luggage building.

Thing about good ideas is that they always seem so good at the time and so easy to put into practice, never goes like that on the day though does it. Take flour nice easy bio degradable product, ideal for marking out a Thud board, problem is being in a damp van for a couple of days starts to become a bit lumpy and not pour as it was intended, a couple of hours later a couple of sort of squares and no flour, Thud board on hold for a little while.

Time for the little ones to show their artistic skills at painting the luggage ready for the wars.

We thought we had brought enough paint for luggage wars and decorating the kites, why do I get the impression that this will not be the case. Mind you the kiddies were enjoying themselves, think we should tell the parents it is poster paint or wait until they start to panic first?

Luggage wars was intended to be an adults game, once the little ones had spent time building them, then painting them no chance.

The little horror's had to have a go first, the word cheating has nothing on what they were doing, (the person outside was suppose to SHOUT the direction to them), but it was all good fun and the adults enjoyed watching as much as the children enjoyed taking part.

Time for the adults to have a go, they had decided to take a leaf out of the children's book of cheating as well.

There also seemed a lot more barging going on as well, and what they were up to in those luggage's is anybodies guess.

Finally sorted out a system for marking the Thud board, fresh flour and use bamboo canes as markers to get the lines straight, plus grab hold of as many volunteers as possible to help with the job.

Once the board was constructed it was on with the game, well it would be once we get enough people to take part.

Do you think we should have warned them they would have to wear silly hats?  Just as the battle was getting going some nutter decide they want to launch a balloon, right above the battle field, oh well there is always next year to finish the game off.

After the Balloons had taken off we tried to restart Thud, but there was not enough people to get a good game going, but not to worry it was time for the masquerade.

There was some very good costumes, and as always Nick with his group from the Sea Scouts did not let us down, putting on yet another marvellous group entry, even though they had very little time to prepare for it. Knick won the biggest and best group entry, Rincewind won the Adult entry, and little Miss Oook won the Junior entry, next year every one has said they are going to be even better.

During the day Lupine was to be found in the Marquee doing Carroc Readings, he had said earlier if only a couple want their future read I will just leave the table there and they can come back later, the poor lad never stopped, proving to be one of the most popular entertainments of the week-end.

Later in the evening he gave us a fantastic magic show, that lasted for over an hour.

At one point Waddy almost lost a finger, but this was not before a lovely young lady gave us her rendition of Vlad, sung unaccompanied.

After the show, it was time for dinner, Elaine went to bed and I was just left to say goodnight to the rest of the campers, that goodnight took 4 hours, well they kept putting this alcohol into my hand, what could I say it would have been rude to have turned it down.


Up with the Balloons, you would not believe the amount of noise those things make when they take off.

After breakfast it was prize giving time, Just a certificate this year, and sweeties for the kids, but who knows next year perhaps something a bit more special.

After the prizes were given out it was time for the Auction, due to me being the Auctioneer I was unable to take any photos, but there are links at the bottom of this page to people who did.

The Auction raised an incredible 851.00 and there are going to be a few happy orang-utans around because of it.

All that was left to do now was pose for the obligatory group photo, then strike camp, wish everybody well until next year.

Once again thank you everybody for making it a great weekend.

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