An Organizer's Perspective of the Event.



Come the Thursday get the Van. Ah nobody at the hire place to let us have the van, this is a good start, 10:00am finally got the van, now running an hour late and yet again running around like an idiot.

Still we did get to the site and started putting up the Marquee, after last years fiasco we got it up first time, then ran round like idiots knocking the stakes in further as they started to pull out the ground, it is surprising how much pull you can get on a guy rope when you use a block and tackle.

Right Marquee up now to get the other nice new one up ready for the wedding, err Paul when you picked up all the poles did you remember the joining bits? Oh well just as well we have a spare to put up then. Ah piece missing from that one as well, err phone Elaine call round Bob's pick up middle bit.

Right hour later second Marquee thing up, Kim panicking where are you, ah yes said I would pick Kim up at 12:00 noon time now 3pm err better go and pick them up.

Back at the camp site and everything seems to be going to plan, Loz's wood pick that up tomorrow too tired tonight.

Put my tent up, decide to go to the camp site pub for a meal, Peter, Sue and their friends are there along with Lupine who is going to do some psychic magic, problem is only us in the pub, Oh and of course the Barman, Lupine decided to ask if the place was haunted, barman say yes, Lupine then tapes the ghost, err where did the barman go? All we heard is I’m off and fast disappearing footsteps.

After a few more bevies and a little chat we all turned in for the night.


Up with the seagulls and it is another fine day, weatherman wrong again.

Right get the stove going, oh great pump on stove kn err broken, new stove as well. Elaine disappears to town to swap it; I try to work out what needs doing, are yes wood, go and fetch the wood. Took Lupine and Jay with me, well I need company and they can load the van, got to Karen’s and Lynn and co was there waiting for us, how can somebody get a free upgrade from a Ford Mondao to a Merc? Well Tim managed it. Said our hellos the loaded the van.

Back at the site and a few more people had arrived. Unloaded wood err flag raising 12:00 noon time now 3pm ah, right not many about give a few more time to arrive, cry of can somebody help with this tent from Mo, and bodies descended from everywhere to lend a hand, this is one thing I have noticed about these events everybody is willing to lend a hand. Quite a few people had arrived by the Friday evening, and the Communal Bar B was a tremendous success, question how comes no matter how little everybody buys for a bar B at the end of it you are all full and there is tons of food left over?

Most of the camper went off to the pub for a pint or two of Wadfest Ale, me I stayed at the site and chatted to those who were still about. And yes we did get the banner up, at about 6.00 pm.


Early start, set up the tables for the traders, Bernard arrived and immediately went in search of a decent cup of coffee, our instant not being good enough and found it at the Lawn residence, and (His trailer tent is big). Once settled down he set up his stall and passed us the PYO Wadfest Shields, they are a great piece of work typical of Bernard, these will be available all the time and if you want one can be ordered from our merchandising page, Andy who was running the Clarecraft stall had arrived on the Friday and put out a few bits, the Wadfest Badges were proving very popular. Catskind was there with her great artwork, and John turned up with his Bonsai Trading Stall, all the traders seemed to be doing a brisk business, and they all said that they had done well.

At 1:30 or there about there was the wedding of Peter and Sue, this was an Event first, the legal bit had taken place at Ashbourne registry office, but the serious bit as Sue and Peter put it took place at the Event, Bernard did a wonderful job of the exchanging ring ceremony and brought a tear to a couple of eyes. There was lots of photos taken some of which you will be able to see in the links further down the page.

Later that day we had the live Thud game and Trevor Truran (designer of the game and Thud Master, took part as a Dwarf, I took it as a great accolade when he said he thoroughly enjoyed it.

During the day the great Haggis hunt was under way and the children enjoyed themselves looking in all the lightly hiding spots for them, thanks to Lupine for taking the time out to hide them round the camp site.

Also on Saturday the wee ones, and not so wee ones painted the luggage, ready for the wars, this years paint jobs were even better than last year, and again there are photos to prove it.

The Masquerade this year was as always a great success with more entrants than last year, Nick as usual won the biggest and best group effort, (will somebody ever beat that team), Pam was stunning as a footnote, and a few young Nac Mac’s won the junior section.

Debbie’s tent of negotiable affections won the decorated tent prize, I think for pure cheek.

In the evening there was another communal Bar B with Bob acting as chef, (we must get him a hat and apron for next year), after which was Lupine’s magic show, this was as always a great success, the conjuring of the hell hound at the beginning was quite a feat, several people from the main camp site coming to have a look, unfortunately the Americans had to say good bye during the act and I would like to thank Lupine for taking a break to allow them to do so as I feel everybody would have been disappointed not to have had the chance to say goodnight. The bottle trick was great as was the finally of creating gold, the children always love that one, (could have something to do with the Gold being Gold covered chocolate coins).

After the magic show we had a quick committee meeting to discuss ideas for Wadfest 2004, and there were many an idea discussed, whether we can fit them all in is another matter.


Come the Luggage wars, well not until Bob had cooked up breakfast on the Bar B. The Luggage wars as always was a tremendous success, and with thicker poles that stopped the luggage dead in their tracks both funnier and safer this year. Bernard thought the game was wonderful and was only sorry it has to be played on grass otherwise I could see a new event taking place at Wincanton.

I would like to apologize here and now for the Games and events that got missed, but next year Loz will be in charge of keeping the programme to a tight schedule so everything should get away on time.

I would also like to thank everybody who took the time to come to the Wadfest for making the event happen, and also those many people who help run it.

Below are some photos for you all to enjoy of what happened over the weekend, with links to those who have web sites.

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Saturday's Photos
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