Wadfest 2004
September 17th ~ 19th 2004

Ancient battle ground appears in Ashbourne Derbyshire, United Kingdom.

A historical battleground opened through a trans dimensional wormhole on the 17th ~ 19th Sept as wizards predicted.

Koom valley, a site where Trolls & Dwarfs have battled on and off ever since both sides ambushed each other is usually sited on the Discworld, in another universe, but due to a freak anomaly it will be placed in Ashbourne
Derbyshire for the space of a weekend. Although this phenomenon is unusual it is by no means rare, another
wormhole opened up in Wincanton, Somerset in 2002 and led to Ankh-Morpork.

However unlike the Wincanton wormhole, the Koom Valley worm hole was unstable, and was only with us for a short time, regrettably it will not reopened again for another 100,000 years.

Wizards & Alchemists alike gathered there to take tests and
historical groups met to perform re-enactments.

The proceedings was be co-ordinate by a Mr. Waddy and Lupine.

Mr Waddy was herd before hand to say.." I hope
there will not be too much bloodshed, I faint at the sight of blood, especially my own". Fortunately there wasn't.

Written by our very own Lupine.

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