Wadfest 2005

Thanks for the above photo go to Gavin

Don't Go Near The Castle

batty batty

Well what can I say about this year?
The weather was fantastic.
The Site was great.
Terry was there all weekend.

And most of all, you the fans were fantastic.

I would like to take this opotunity of thanking all of you that were there for making Wadfest the success it was this year, because without you there would be no Wadfest.

Yet again we had a new event this year, a murder mystery, and if we all ask nicely there may be another one next year.

Unfortunatly, due to a farmer not getting his crop in, we were unable to have the bonfire on the Saturday, but the fans still seem to have a good time, gathering round various Bar-B-Qs instead for their evening gathering.

The costumes this year were fantastic, with many fans taking the opotunity to dress as their inner selves wanted them to.

The charity Auction was fantastic, and you realy dug into your pockets this year, raising over £4,400.00 for Cancer Research UK.

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