Koom Valley strikes again, but were we downhearted Never!

This years Wadfest started off with brilliant sunshine on the Friday, and although Friday is normally just a meet and greet day, Jean was baptised into the Church of Om. This took place at Wadfest as the Convention had run out of time for the service. The silly man hoped he was going to get away without getting wet! At Wadfest!! He was lucky, at one point I was thinking of using custard.

Saturday saw us awaked by sound of rain on the tents, how are we to cook breakfast in this? No need the Burger Van does full English at £3.00 what a lifesaver, and many a happy camper were taking them up on the offer.

Whilst there were fewer traders this year, they all reported doing a good trade, with many a penny changing hands in the trader tent.

Due to the weather being so wet and windy, the archery was unable to take place this year, as it was deemed to be too dangerous with the high winds.

The save the Penguin Society decided that it would be a good idea to throw custard pies at Waddy, being short of custard they decided to use shaving soap, not to miss an opportunity to raise money for charity, Waddy insisted if he was going to get pied the campers should pay for it, and manage to raise £40.00 for charity.

It was a close call whether the dry boat race would take place, but a break in the weather gave us time to run it, much to everybody's amusement as it was decided to make it the best of five heats.

The ever popular live smack the penguin event followed, with Lupine once again taking charge to make sure of fair play, and once again this proved to be a big success, although the Penguin Preservation Society were not impressed.

All day Saturday a Murder mystery was taking place (and special thanks must go to Lupine who devised and organised it), and several of the campers tried to sort out the clues as to who was the guilty party, with many a red herring being thrown in, nobody actually solved the murder, but everybody said how much they had enjoyed trying to get the information required to find out who did it, (It was me, disguised as Dame Victoria Waddington, I will get Lupine for that!).

One of the surprises of the weekend was Simon Clark getting engaged to his long time partner Kathryn Jones, they have not named the day yet, but said it will be some time next year, who knows could this be the third Wadfest wedding?

The charity Auction had as always plenty of lots for people to bid on, and ended up raising over £2,000, this added to all the other monies collected during the weekend brought the total raised for Cancer Research UK, to £3472.42, and a big thank you must go to all of those who helped raise it.

After the charity Auction was the Great Hogesaarg Challenge, Lupine had foolishly agreed to escape from a set of manacles that Dave had devised, he forgot to tell him about the barbed wire that would be involved, and if he did not escape in time, he was going to get hit on the head with a rolling stone. Lupine managed to escape the manacle, but still got hit with the rolling stone, much to everybody's amusement.

Later on Saturday evening we had story telling, and as Kath (of Igorbeathty fame), was unable to make Wadfest due to ill health, Waddy stepped in to tell about some of the strange calls he had taken in his six years of being an IT call handler, and nobody seemed bored which seemed strange.

Sunday morning saw the Murder mystery revelation, and everybody enjoyed the way all the various clues were explained to them, and saw that it all fell into place as to who the murderer was, and how the bodies were disposed of, as nobody got the answer correct, the prize, a case of larger was put up for auction, as was Dame Victoria's earrings. Raising a further few bob for charity.

After the revelation, the closing ceremony was performed, and due to the wind trying to rip tents to shreds, most people packed up their camping equipment a bit sharpish.

I was unable to take any photos this year, but there are several links to other Wadfestian's sites with not only photos but also Video footage listed below.

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If you have any photo's or videos that are not on here please email me the link.

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