Wadfest 2007 Review.

Welcome to the Wadfest 2007 Review.

Unlike previous years, this years reviews I hope will be a little different, the reason being is that I am going to let you write them for me.

So this is your chance to put into words what Wadfest meant to you, either as just a few sentences, or as Jason has done below, a full review of the weekend.

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Review by Jason Anthony. (Discworld Monthly)

On the weekend of 30th August - 2nd September hundreds of Discworld fans gathered in a field in Nottinghamshire for the 6th Wadfest event. Wadfest is a low cost camping event for Discworld fans and is designed as a family and children friendly event.

For the third time the event took place at Trentford farm. This time however the very recent weather had been kind and the site was very firm. I understand that the farmer had done a lot of preparation work to ensure the entrance to the site was not boggy. A lot of thought had obviously gone into this attention to detail throughout the event and made it the smoothest running Wadfest yet.

The opening ceremony was a simple affair with Waddy welcoming us to the event and then asking for a minute's silence to remember Karen who we sadly lost last year to cancer. Karen was responsible for the growing success of Wadfest and is still sadly missed.

There were not many planned activities on Friday, to ensure that late arrivals didn't miss out, but the traders tent and on-site caterers were available.

Friday night was the unofficial cocktail party hosted by Jem and Jo. Jem had mentioned on the stamps message board that he wanted the men to dress in, well, dresses for the party. I didn't intend to dress up but as soon as I arrived on Friday I was whisked off and providing with skirt and top! Now I have to say that it was my first time in lady's clothing and, contrary to what other people said, I didn't find it all that comfortable. Some gentlemen had gone to a lot more effort and there ended up being quite a few "laydees" at the event. After quite a lot of drinking it was decided to award a bottle of champagne to the best looking "laydee". It was decided that Miss Wadfest 2007 was Qvize from the stamp forum and that Qvize will need to wear the dress at the December Wincanton event so that he/she can get awarded the Miss Wadfest sash.

On Saturday the children were given the chance to paint the hardboard luggages that were to be used for the children's Luggage races. There was also live Pingu (based on the Internet game) where players had to see how far they could hit a plastic penguin.

After Live Pingu we set about building the boats for the dry boat races. There were four boats and the contestants were required to run the boats to the end of the field and back. There were three heats and by the end we were exhausted. Unfortunately, Jem and I were beaten on the final heat and new reigning champions where crowned. Jem and I took the opportunity to announce our dry boat race retirement.

While I rested after the dry boat racing a game of dodgeball had been set up but I decided to have a drink instead.

Later Rob Lupine impressed us with another of his magic shows. As mentioned in my Jamboree review Rob is a very talented magician and had us enthralled for the duration of the show. Having seen one of Rob's recent shows I took the opportunity to watch other people reactions to his show. It was great fun watching people's disbelief.

After the magic show, Rob and Waddy spent some time talking about how Wadfest started and various other topics that came to mind. I missed this because before they started they made it clear that it wouldn't be suitable for children and since I had my daughter with me, we decided to join people around a campfire.

On Sunday Simon and Cat who recently got married received an interesting double blessing - first a Discworld one provided by Tim and then a real-world one provided by Lucy. After the blessings we set up for the charity auction. The auction went very smoothly and over 2000 GBP was raised for Cancer Research. I have since found out that nearly 3000 GBP was raised in total when the raffle value was added to the auction.

All too soon the weekend was over and we had to go our separate ways. After an extended series of goodbyes (nobody really wanted to leave) we finally headed off for the five hour drive home. We were tired but had an excellent time.



The following photos were taken at the event by Loz Green, (official Photographer), and various other Fans

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